Girls, Interrupted
Season 4, Episode 10
Air date July 17, 2011
Written by Natalie Chaidez
Directed by Lee Rose
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The Rolling Stones

Girls, Interrupted is the tenth episode of season 4 of In Plain Sight.


Marshall deals with a Rock Star witness while Mary takes a road trip to find a missing WITSEC witness.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • J.B. Tuttle as Craig
  • Nancy Nave as AUSA Carla Rodriguez
  • Kristin Hansen as Reinholt
  • Jerry Hardy as Sheriff Taylor
  • Jeremiah Hassemer as Max
  • Todd Anderson as Ted
  • Nicole Casanova as Lucy
  • Indika Ortiz as Sarah
  • Michelle Clunie as Sage Lorne/Britt Parnell
  • Robert LaSardo as Carlos Ramirez
  • Patricia Belcher as Mrs. Anders
  • Elizabeth Nicole as Lita Lorne/Kenna Parnell

Mary's Voice OverEdit

  • "The getaway, I guess, is in my blood. Away from the screaming chaos of my childhood home, I would fly out the door and hop on my bike, white knuckling the handlebars with nowhere to go, I'd pedal as fast as it took to feel my hair in the wind and the sting on my face. Whether I wanted to be found or just missed, I'm not sure. But no one ever sent out a search party. Those frantic, furious bike rides never took me more than a few miles from my house. But it was far enough for me to learn that I could get back on my own. And that sometimes the best way to find yourself is to get yourself lost".
  • "Those things we love in childhood, whether it's taking off on your own or playing the oboe, they're planted deep in the ground with you. Which is why true transformation takes more than hot rocks and drum circles, wandering the woods for a sign or a path. But I'll say this: Robert Frost had it right about the road less traveled, because not knowing where you're headed leads you sometimes to right where you belong."



  • "This Little Light Of Mine" by Harry Dixon Loes

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